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When it comes to a new car purchase where does one begin as I can think of so many reasons why it would be great to buy a new car.

With so much competition out there it may seem like a maze as the offers all look the same.

Now with the major OEM’s all extending the service intervals or even offering free servicing for the first 60,000kms or 4 years which ever comes first.

Ok the capped price servicing we need to cover another day, but for now let me ask the following

Research the resale value of the vehicle you are planning to purchase
Research a complete brake replacement that’s front and rear
Research the insurance costs to the vehicle you are currently driving now
If you are driving more than 30,000 Kms per year then one should consider to change the vehicle over before 100,000km hits the clock as the resale value will decrease rapidly.

I see right now where Volkswagen are offering a vehicle for around $16,000 drive away, but one needs to research two basic fundamentals
The cost to maintain the same vehicle over $100,000 Kms
The resale value in three years time.

Just ask how much will it cost to overhaul front and rear brakes ?

European car makers for reason believe making the disc rotor softer than the disc pad itself, the trade off of course is changing the rotors more often than the disc pads.

Where Australian car makers, (what’s left of them) prefer to use a soft disc pad, thus changing the disc pad more often than the rotor.

Brakes are potentially a high cost which ever car you choose so its a good homework exercise to understand what is the cost of a complete brake overhaul and get it in writing if you can.


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