Media Statement

Basic Car Maintenance is a newly developed “Virtual Mechanic” CD-ROM that provides a unique way of dealing with traditional automotive problems.

Developed by highly qualified and experienced mechanic Darren Gow-Brown, who drew on his experience of performing over 16,000 service calls with the RACV, the CD-ROM is designed to assist motorists before they break down by giving them a list of components to check on a weekly basis.

“Basic Car Maintenance is a CD-ROM multimedia reference book relating to all common parts on the vehicle. It has a sound bank to identify typical noises that a car may produce,” Darren said.

“There are also videos to further illustrate simple tasks to perform, and the entire package is designed as an information tool to give the ordinary motorist a greater understanding of their vehicle.”

Basic Car Maintenance has all the information you need to know about tyres, spark plugs, shockers, brakes and much more.

The CD-ROM also comes with a pocket booklet of common-knowledge problems that are likely to occur on the road.

“It is designed to help .male and female motorists, especially those just starting out, understand more about their vehicle, and give them the confidence to know what to look for should it require attention.”

“It also connects to a virtual mechanic Website for the latest hints and help, and provides unlimited software support.”

Darren Gow-Brown


Want to buy a car?
Don’t know what to do?
Then this video is for you!

Buying-A-Car is a newly released video which takes the viewer step-by-step through all aspects of inspecting a second-hand car prior to purchase.

The video has been compiled by highly-qualified motor mechanic, Darren Gow-Brown, who has more than 20 years experience. He has worked for one of the major roadside service providers in Victoria, and has attended tens of thousands of service calls identifying all range of car problems.

It covers inside the vehicle, under the vehicle, outside the vehicle and under the bonnet. There are also tips on the best way to road test a car, and information about how to check if finance is owing on a vehicle – with current information for all states in Australia.

Buying-A-Car is a dual-purpose video. It will show you clearly all the areas to check before buying a car, and also provides a guide to performing a monthly check on your vehicle’s condition to keep it roadworthy.

Darren Gow-Brown is also author of the very successful CD Rom Basic Car Maintenance 2000 as well as Virtualmechanic – an interactive website dedicated to any person with automotive-related questions.