ANCAP safety rating in question

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ANCAP safety rating
You might say that the space saving wheel is only used when one wheel is subjected to damage or a flat tyre.
As we all know when using a space saving wheel the vehicle handling is compromised also the safety of the vehicle but the ANCAP safety rating don’t seem to factor this component into the overall score.
The 1st of august 2010, Australia has 20 more road fatalities than this time last year I really wonder about the ADR’s when it comes to the space saver wheel. perhaps there is no evidence to prove that accidences are caused be Space saving wheels but if you are forced to use a vehicle and fit a space saving wheel, how safe would you feel driving down a freeway late at night raining cats and dogs travelling at the maximum speed of 80kms. Do you think the motorist’s behind you are going to be understanding, with a strong potential for road rage to occur.
Perhaps it’s a problem when an organisation is funded by Car manufactures because sooner or later the funding may dry up from the government and so the funds must come from somewhere, I cannot be the only person to notice that nearly every TV commercial is now making reference to the ANCAP RATING, regardless whether space saving wheels are fitted.
Recently a university paper was released regarding Driver Education.
According to one Australian University is was suggested that there was no evidence to prove that Driver Education reduced the Australian road toll, well this would make sense to me because I have not seen any driver education program implemented to all schools within Australia.
Let me make this point clear
“Driver Education is teaching how to drive not how to pass the test”
We can drive the safest vehicle on the road but if we don’t understand how to prevent an accident or drive in a dangerous manner, the safest car doesn’t score in the fatal statistic all that well.


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