Auto Sound ID iPhone App by Darren Gow-Brown released date jan 25,2013

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Author of virtualmechanic is about to release an IPhone App to help motorists worldwide  understand and identity common car noises and sounds.
Auto Sound ID is a simple app designed to educate drivers that require high level knowledge of typical noises a motor vehicle may produce.

In this day an age its dangerous to breakdown on the side of the road where ever you are, day or night, but cars do give out warning signs and noises, this is where the noise noise needs to be captured and identified to prevent breaking down on the side of the road.

Im a motor mechanic its easy for me to know what noises are of concern but the avarage motorist may not, therefore the “Autosound ID” Iphone App is the tool to help understand noises as a warning and guide what action is required.

Auto Sound ID written and produced by Darren Gow-Brown is a fast way to identify that noise from within the passenger vehicle of course they are many noises and sounds but this is your starting point and for $2.99AUD thats less than a coffee.

RACV charge $92 per year plus a $50 fee for joining up for the first year $142.00AUD

Lets do the sums, Iphone app,”Auto sound ID” Cost $2.99AUD

RACV $148 (Extra care) per year, at this rate the average person can save $4600.00AUD over a lifetime

The Autosound ID app has been uploaded to Apple and is awaiting approval, I therefore anticipate the release date will be Jan 25, 2013



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