Breakdown Procedures – at night

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Breakdown – At night
 The emphasis here is to realise the importance of decreasing your chances of breaking down at night. If you do breakdown at night you really want to have all these other points checked first. If you notice the battery light, the alternator light, or the check engine light from the EFI, come on during the day, don’t ignore these signs because breaking down at night is not a fun thing. It can be dangerous. Even performing a tyre change at night can be dangerous. If you do breakdown try to manoeuvre your vehicle into a safe environment. For example, if you have a flat tyre and it isn’t completely flat, it would be better to drive on that flat tyre to a service station and use their lights to change the tyre. Even if you didn’t want to change the tyre yourself, it’s still better to drive the car to a safe environment and call the auto club from there. If you can’t drive the vehicle and have access to a mobile phone, ring a friend to come and stay with you until the road service provider comes out. This way, you’re safe and if there are two of you there’s less chance of the wrong person knocking on your window. You don’t know who is going to help and who is not!
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