Bridgestone—215/60R16 95V Supercat Tyre Recall

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Bridgestone—215/60R16 95V Supercat Tyre

Identifying features

215/60R16 95V Supercat Tyre made in Thailand

What are the defects?

Bridgestone has detected that some of these tyres may exhibit an issue with the tread / belt leading to possible rapid loss of air pressure.

What are the hazards?

If the defect occurs, there may be loss of vehicle control which may pose a hazard to the driver and/or other road users.

What should consumers do?

If you believe you have an affected tyre, please either call toll free number 1800 354 864 or email sends e-mail) to arrange a replacement of the affected tyres. The affected tyres will be replaced free of charge.

Further information can be obtained on the internet site is external).

Bridgestone Australia Ltd
Traders who sold this product

These tyres were imported by Bridgestone Australia Ltd and sold in Australia between 1st May 2010 to 8th Feb 2016 through Bridgestone Select, Bridgestone Service Centres and Bridgestone Tyre Centres.

Where the product was sold

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