Buying a New Car what is important ?

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The key stakeholders have invested interests on this very subject.
The main items to consider are the following
Is the car within your budget
In five years time what would be the resale value
What type of warranty is on the vehicle
Before we go to the next point go to consumer affairs and research if the manufacture is doing the right thing.
In the time that you drive the vehicle what are the costs to service the vehicle
In my opinion its not how many air bags unless you plan to crash the car or you are a poor driver.

Its resale value and the cost to maintain the vehicle

Don’t be tricked as some car makers are now extending the service intervals thus attracting fleet buyers to purchase a vehicle based on the service fixed costs but the engines may develop premature wear if not serviced according to the oil condition
Some hire car companies in the past have decided not to service the fleet of rental vehicles for 50000 kms then have the vehicle auctioned off.
Too bad if you purchase such a second hand vehicle.

For some reason imported and European cars are the most expensive to service and maintain as well as a rapid decrease in market value as soon as it leaves the showroom floor. But it comes down to your budget and preference.

Written by Darren Gow-Brown


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