Buying A Second Hand Vehicle in 2017

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Buying A Second Hand Vehicle in 2017

This subject is always changing due to technology and opportunity scammers.
I will try to make this as simple as possible but it won’t be easy.

The tickbox list will help you master the art of buying a secondhand vehicle.

  • Rego check on vehicle for statutory ride off, and or if the vehicle has finance owning to it
  • Does it pass the WOVR check 
  • Vehicle recall check, to see if the vehicle requires any expensive dealer recall repairs
  • Does the vehicle come with a roadworthy certificate if required by the state you reside in.
  • Does the red engine light stay on when driving?
  • What type of warranty is provided and can it be validated.
  • Can you make contact with the previous owner

I will create live links to speed up your research!

Buying a secondhand vehicle requires research, and the more effort you put in the less silly you look if something goes wrong, unfortunately there are groups of backyard repairers that will carry out repairs such as cut and shuts, this is where two car bodies are joined in the Centre of the vehicle, this type of repair has been banned but some people will still do it to make a buck.  The term rebirthing is prevented by the vehicle having the same  VIN number at both ends of the vehicle, the Vehicle Identification Number is 17 characters and digits long.

So we do a rego check to cover many potential issues
Is the car stolen
Is finance owing to it
Is it a statutory write off

We are very fortunate in Victoria as Vic roads do a great job when it come to vehicle checks as in 2002 it started a WOVR registry to prevent secondhand buyers from getting caught, that’s not to say that some people will still think they are more clever than the law.

A red engine light staying on in a modern vehicle is a big fat No No, so don’t be tricked if the sellers says the car does not come with a roadworthy and the red engine light stays on, as this is a warning device connect to the airbags and of the seatbelt restraint system.

Warranty is a big one as some warranty contracts are not worth the paper they are written on, or better still if you see the contract, call the company in see what its covers.

Contacting the previous owner covers a multitude of sins as you should how may kilometres were on the car when it was sold and why did they sell it, and has it been in any accidents.

I could nearly write a book on this subject instead I produced Ibook titled Virtual Car Care.

More to come on this subject


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