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Accidents, how to get a rejected insurance claim

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If having an automotive accident is bad enough, the next step is to establish the cause of the accident.
When driving any vehicle its your responsibility to maintain a standard of roadworthiness.
In most cases you know when your car is unsafe, as it will tell you by making a noise or performing at of character.
Any driver can check their tyres for wear or damage, any driver can see if their car is leaking oil.
We have no excuse when it comes to ...

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Mechanical Screw Spiral Bottle Jack 3 Ton Recalls

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Mighty 8 Stores Pty Ltd — Mechanical Screw Spiral Bottle Jack 3 Ton



Date published

24 Feb 2017

Product description

Capacity: 3 Ton
Minimum Height: 213 mm
Maximum Height: 500mm
Net Weight: 5.00kg
Jack Dimension: 160 x 115 x 213mm
Jack Colour: Grey

What are the defects?

Affected vehicle jacks do not comply with the labelling or instruction requirements in the mandatory standard for vehicle jacks, which is based on the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2693:2007 because the prescribed safety information and warnings were not ...

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Even in 2013 we still need to check fluid levels in our car

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I can remember many years ago that when you drove to a petrol station a man would come out from the store and start filling up the tank with fuel then to up sell he would ask to check your fluid levels.

This was a great service as the smarter service station owners soon realized that the money was under the bonnet but you had to start at the tank.

Perhaps the gull service station in Fremantle may have been one of ...

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Car Insurance Quote RACV was the "HIGHEST QUOTE"

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Recently I decided to get some quotes on car insurance and was quite surprised
I rang the following Insurance companies
The quotes were based on a 45-year-old male driver with no license cancellations
No insurance cancellation.
I made the point this car would be garaged during the week.
The vehicle that was quoted is the following
Holden Commodore sedan 2005 acclaim with no modifications accept a tow bar.
I must say that the call centers seem to have changed with ...

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Does your car make you feel safe ?

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Are you a safe driver is your car safe or does your car make you feel safe.
As a sign of getting older I see more on the road, and the part that’s concerns me is the speedy drivers darting down the freeway from lane to lane tailgating everywhere

I can remember my first love, sorry I mean my first car at 18 years old, but I started a lot earlier at 13 years old but lets go to my first ...

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