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Parking Fines, how to avoid them.

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The local councils have just got very clever these days, as they deploy as much technology as possible, form fixed cameras to moving cameras.
The local councils are banking on one thing.
Your time and money vs their time and money.
Many years ago local councils employed parking officers to be honest with courtesy.
Now quite the opposite where these wonderful strategies are used to catch you even if your not doing anything wrong.
I will speak from experience where we decided to deliver a ...

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Screen test your wipers

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So with the Xmas holidays here, perhaps it’s time to check your wipers, they are the long rubbers that sit on your screen awaiting for a rainy day.

The problem is that we forget about these very important components until we need them.

Wipers can go through many seasons before we realise they need renewal.

Not so long ago windscreen wipers would last atleast a good 12 months.

Now your lucky if you get a season, but how do know if your wipers are ...

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How to save $5k on your engine, don’t be a dipstick

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How to save $5k on your engine ?

Don’t be a dipstick, and follow the instructions below.


This one is the most simple step but so difficult to carry out.

1, Open the bonnet.

2, Locate the engine dipstick.

3, Wipe the dipstick

4, Now place the dipstick back into the engine.

5, Remove the dipstick

6, Check the oil level on the dipstick.

7, If you are not sure how to check your engine oil level send me your details with ...

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Buying A Second Hand Vehicle in 2017-A

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Buying A Second-Hand Vehicle in 2017

This subject is always changing due to technology and opportunity scammers.
I will try to make this as simple as possible but it won’t be easy.

The list will help you master the art of buying a secondhand vehicle.

  • Rego check on the vehicle for a statutory ride off, and or if the vehicle has finance owing to it.
  • Does it pass the WOVR check?
  • Vehicle recall check, to see if the vehicle requires any expensive dealer recall repairs.
  • Does ...
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Are you in the market for a secondhand Vehicle

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Today I saw three people hovering over a second-hand vehicle, outside a used car yard, getting the big sell by the used car yard owner.
I wondered what the three people thought, or more to the point, were they prepared for buying a second-hand vehicle or did they just think it’s only a car what’s the big deal.

After many years in the trade, I’d like to invite anyone that has a question about buying their first second-hand vehicle and understand what ...

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