Mitsubishi Motors Australia Recall

Mitsubishi Triton ML & MN MY2007-2014 Recall

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Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited — Mitsubishi Triton ML & MN MY2007-2014

PRA No.2016/15523Date published12 Jul 2016Campaign number010119Product description

Critical Recall 

Mitsubishi Triton ML & MN
Model Years 2007-2014
Campaign 010119

Mitsubishi Triton ML & MN , fitted with a 4-spoke steering wheel

57 025 affected vehicles

Identifying features

VIN (Vehicle identification number)See attached VIN listCritical VIN list.xlsx (1.09 MB)

What are the defects?

Airbag inflator: As it gets older, a combination of high temperatures and humidity can cause the airbag inflator propellant to degrade. If an affected vehicle is ...

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Mitsubishi 07-12MY ZG & ZH Outlander Recall

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Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd — 07-12MY ZG & ZH Outlander
Date published
9 Aug 2017
Campaign number
Product description
07-12MY ZG & ZH Outlander
Identifying features

VIN (Vehicle identification number)
see VIN list attached
VIN Ranges.jpg (108.78 KB)
What are the defects?

The structure of the front deck allows water intrusion onto the windshield wiper motor. Water accumulated around the wiper motor breather hole is drawn into the motor as it cools down after use.

As a result, ...

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