3 Reasons that cause engine failure or render costly damage

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First we need to go back in time, as engine
oil use to be very simple and easy to understand. Now engine oil and tolerances
within engines have become more refined.
Many years ago is was abnormal for engine oil be consumed during normal operating
conditions. I can remember many years ago it was a standard that engine oil
interval changes were between 8000 to 10000 kms.

So much has changed with motor vehicles today. It seems to be normal for ...

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Free Google motoring tips, Warning lamp check lights

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Checking For Warning Lamps, Free Google motoring tips

ROAD TEST – Checking for warning lamps

Warning lamps are designed to let the driver know of possible major problems
before they occur. The main lights are brake, oil, charge and temperature as
well as seat belt lights. Gauges will warn if a problem is starting or getting
worse. All warning lights are designed to turn on with the ignition and off
when the engine starts. Most gauges are designed to start ...

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