When is leasing a car cheaper than buying ?

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Let me begin with such a question of total amusement.

Recently I was flicking through the free to air channels and found the series on the couch.

i could not believe that there was a so called expert regarding finance explaining that leasing a car was cheaper than buying a car.

He the so-called expert creates an example of a $41000.00

He explains that the repayment on a typical motor vehicle finance is somewhere between 5% to 10%

So the next part is the demonstrate ...

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How to save $5k on your engine, don’t be a dipstick

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How to save $5k on your engine ?

Don’t be a dipstick, and follow the instructions below.


This one is the most simple step but so difficult to carry out.

1, Open the bonnet.

2, Locate the engine dipstick.

3, Wipe the dipstick

4, Now place the dipstick back into the engine.

5, Remove the dipstick

6, Check the oil level on the dipstick.

7, If you are not sure how to check your engine oil level send me your details with ...

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Make this long weekend an Airbag safe weekend

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Make this long weekend an Airbag safe weekend.

This weekend before you take you car out for a drive, go to recall Australia and check if your car requires a safety recall.

Safety Recall Australia

If not for you, think of your family it will take you the same time to drink your coffee.

Remember a faulty Airbag can kill you or severely cause injury.

Sorry can’t let this one rest until everyone is driving a car that will protect them.

Darren Gow-Brown

also see the ...

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How safe is my car

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Let me ask you the question !.

Is your car safe

Unless you have lived in a remote part of Australia, the vehicle that you are driving maybe supplied with a faulty airbag.
The faulty airbags have now killed over 12 people, instead of saving their lives.
How can an airbag kill you ?.

The answer, when the airbag is activated it may release fragments of metal, and or dangerous chemicals that have now been revealed to cause serious injury or death.

The one ...

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VW Customer complaint 2016 VW Amarok Serviced @ 30,000 now serious issues

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VW Customer Complaint

Comment: Hi mate in need of some PROFESSIONAL help if possible.
I own a 2016 VW Amarok which is just shy of 12 months old. I recently had my 30,000kms service when I was informed at the time I needed new brakes.
Driving home from a freshly serviced car with new brakes I noticed my steering shakes any speed beyond 80kms. So you can imagine driving on the freeway at 100kms every day becomes frustrating.
After taking my Amarok ...

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Is your battery suffering from insecurities

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Yes that’s correct, your battery maybe be suffering under the bonnet without you even knowing.The battery is something that you never want to upset.
When a battery gets cross, its gets angry and then may explode into a rage of fire.

How can a battery get cross, angry and explode you ask ?.

Well not many people may know how to care for the battery in ...

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