Is your battery suffering from insecurities

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Yes that’s correct, your battery maybe be suffering under the bonnet without you even knowing.The battery is something that you never want to upset.
When a battery gets cross, its gets angry and then may explode into a rage of fire.

How can a battery get cross, angry and explode you ask ?.

Well not many people may know how to care for the battery in ...

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Who is going to be the next generation car maker ?

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Who is going to be the next generation car maker ?

In my opinion, the future car makers will be the key stakeholders of realtime technologies, hopefully with an open mind to what is required and what is not.

So who will be the next generation car maker ?

I do believe the race has already started, but it might be one of those events behind closed doors.

In no particular order my opinion is that Google, Apple, Microsoft and intel, may become the ...

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The largest Air Bag recall in Australian history

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Faulty Air bags have found to have killed at least 12 people, this Recaell should be taken seriously.

The company that makes the Airbags has filed for bankruptcy, so I would not waste any time, to have your faulty Airbags changed over.

I do wonder about the role of an automotive engineer and or the R&D design team, when it comes to testing technology, and features that are to be installed into any new vehicle.

We see time and time again a global ...

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Full Self-Driving Hardware on your Tesla Model S

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I’m on the Tesla site learning about this great looking vehicle with so many features, it’s hard to stay in my seat I’m so excited.

Maybe I have missed a basic fundamental point regarding state and federal roads act. Are we permitted to take our hands off the steering wheel, whilst driving any type of vehicle within Australia ?.

To my knowledge, the answer is NO !.

So if this is the case why are motor vehicle car makers selling this as a feature ...

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Ford Kuga recall certain models

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Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited — Ford Kuga
Date published
23 Aug 2017
Campaign number
Product description
Certain Kuga vehicles built from 11 December 2012 through 19 June 2014
Target number: 8,878

Campaign number: 17S20
Identifying features

VIN list for Ford Kuga campaign 17S20.pdf (1.06 MB)

What are the defects?

In the event of an impact which deploys the front seat belt retractor pre-tensioner, there is a possibility that the insulation material on the inner face of the lower ...

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Car Trailer lights issues

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Trailer lights issues
Not so long ago when the automotive industry used incandescent globes, it was a very simple task to hook your trailer up to your car right.

What about now ?

Sorry I need to tell you tell with more electronic additions, there are other factors that need to be considered.

Two major differences now may prevent the old trailer lights from operating on your new trailer.

The two major differences are LED lighting and CAN bus.

A Controller Area Network (CAN bus) ...

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