Ignition Key Issues

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The ignition switch has several functions which includes accessories, ignition on, start, ignition off. The ignition switch works best if the keys are not cut and recut because basically it will jam up the ignition. The ignition switch may also be connected to a steering lock mechanism.


The ignition key barrel and switch are subject to wear and there is a tendency is to get another key cut. Do not get another key cut because this key may cause the barrel to jam ...

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Buyer beware of the latest scam

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Buyer beware of the latest scam when buying a vehicle in Australia.

This is how it works.

A person will advertise a vehicle for sale in Melbourne, Sydney, or anywhere in Australia,
they will only use a mobile phone number, but they don’t actually own the vehicle to sell.
They will travel interstate and hire a late model vehicle and re-register the vehicle in the state they are selling the vehicle with new plates, and therefore the vehicle will show no record of any prior ownership, therefore its seems like its ...

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Toyota Prius, Prius V Recall

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Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited — Toyota Prius, Prius V

PRA No.2018/17091Date published17 Oct 2018Campaign numberPrius (LGG76), Prius V (LGG78)Product description

Toyota Prius (ZVW30)
Toyota Prius V (ZVW40)

This recall provides an additional remedy to the vehicles involved in the previous recalls in February 2014 (PRA2014/13991) and July 2015 (PRA2015/14822), because the remedy conducted then was found to be inadequate.

Identifying features

VIN (Vehicle identification number)See attached VIN listPrius & Prius V Power Management ECU VIN list.pdf (2.39 MB)Prius & Prius V Power Management ...

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MY2014 to MY2016 Holden & HSV, VF Commodore & WN Caprice Recall

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GM Holden Ltd — MY2014 to MY2016 Holden & HSV, VF Commodore & WN Caprice

PRA No.2018/17201Date published19 Dec 2018Campaign numberA182193280Product description

Holden VF Commodore
58,731 affected vehicles

Holden WN Caprice
1,938 affected vehicles

HSV VF Clubsport, HSV VF Maloo and HSV VF GTS
5,525 affected vehicles

Select 2014-2016 models, built on or prior to 30 April 2015.

Identifying features

VIN (Vehicle identification number)See attached VIN list.VIN List.xlsx (1.77 MB)

What are the defects?

Increased electrical resistance in a component within the Electric Power Steering system may result in a loss ...

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Water damage to your car

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With record rainfalls in some parts of the world including Australia, it’s possible that your vehicle has taken in water where I should not enter.
How is this possible ?.
Recently I received a question fro a motorist from Tasmania, with a concerning engine noise coming from the front wheels.
After several questions later the motorist revealed that they are hearing a sloshing of water noise within their vehicle.
I had to ask more questions to understand the situation further.
It turns out that this ...

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