Recall Nissan Infiniti H15 Q30/QX30

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PRA No.2018/17194Date published12 Dec 2018Campaign numberPG8BQProduct description

Infiniti H15 Q30/QX30
April 2016 – February 2017 production

126 vehicles affected

What are the defects?

In certain vehicles, the Owner’s Manual supplied contains an error relating to the description of the rear door child lock function where the locked and unlocked positions are incorrectly indicated.

What are the hazards?

If the incorrect information within the Owner’s Manual is followed by the consumer, this may lead to potential misuse of the rear door child lock.

However on the vehicle itself, the ...

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Diesel Fuel Warning

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Do you own a diesel engine vehicle ?.
Gone are the days where you can just fill up anywhere or just leave your vehicle sitting around for months to years without starting the engine.
Filling up your vehicle will require a degree of diligence in the future, as your common rail fuel injection diesel will require more attention to detail.

With electronic diesel injection systems that produce outstanding fuel economy, the engine itself is under pressure to maintain this result.
To do this a ...

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Valvoline product search wins my vote this month

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Well, don’t do what I did and go to the wrong website.
I was in a hurry and by mistake, I went to the US site, that is not so helpful for people in a hurry to search what is the most suitable product for their vehicle.

Here is the link to search for the correct product

It seems still popular for people of all ages to still maintain their own vehicle. As a qualified mechanic, I don’t have a problem with that as ...

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Great Australian Airbag Crisis the full story

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it’s amazing how this story looks like its something new, unfortunately, this is a worldwide problem that won’t go away anything soon.
After reading the front page of the Melbourne Herald Sun, and wow this is an exclusive article regarding Airbag recalls.
The Herald Sun can reveal manufacturers of the nations most popular cars, including Ford, Holden, and Volkswagen will be forced to replace the dodgy airbags for free.
To the journalist that wrote the newspaper article, here are some correct facts. is ...

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How safe is your new safe car ?

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After taking a friend shopping for a new vehicle, I was asked what were we buying ?.
My answer was simple, just pick out the features you think you need and I’ll tell you if you really need them.
Below is a list of features

Comfortable seats! Drivers can spend a lot of time in the car. If the seats aren’t comfortable, you won’t be happy with your car for long. Be sure as part of your test drive that you spend ...

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