How safe is my car

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Let me ask you the question !.

Is your car safe

Unless you have lived in a remote part of Australia, the vehicle that you are driving maybe supplied with a faulty airbag.
The faulty airbags have now killed over 12 people, instead of saving their lives.
How can an airbag kill you ?.

The answer, when the airbag is activated it may release fragments of metal, and or dangerous chemicals that have now been revealed to cause serious injury or death.

The one ...

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Is your battery suffering from insecurities

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Yes that’s correct, your battery maybe be suffering under the bonnet without you even knowing.The battery is something that you never want to upset.
When a battery gets cross, its gets angry and then may explode into a rage of fire.

How can a battery get cross, angry and explode you ask ?.

Well not many people may know how to care for the battery in ...

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How large is your crack ?

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Recently a friend sent me an email explaining that he just had his car serviced, and on the way home a truck flicks up a stone and created a crack on his windscreen.
So I had to ask him, well how large is your crack?
In this case, size does matter when it comes to this type of crack.

What to do;
measure the crack, if it’s a chip without spread lines than taking it to your local windscreen repairer and for ...

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Car Trailer lights issues

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Trailer lights issues
Not so long ago when the automotive industry used incandescent globes, it was a very simple task to hook your trailer up to your car right.

What about now ?

Sorry I need to tell you tell with more electronic additions, there are other factors that need to be considered.

Two major differences now may prevent the old trailer lights from operating on your new trailer.

The two major differences are LED lighting and CAN bus.

A Controller Area Network (CAN bus) ...

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Red Light Camera's how to measure their compliance

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Red light cameras need to comply with a standard and don’t be surprised if they don’t.
Red light cameras are a growth industry, but for some reason, the guidelines may not always be implemented.
The camera operating system
Firstly let’s understand the operating system of a red light camera. More importantly, we need to understand the Amber light cycle times, this is the money shot.
How does a speed camera operate
Instant detection. Speed cameras detect the speed of vehicles by using detectors embedded ...

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EL Ford Station Wagon Actuator Fault

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EL Ford Station Wagon Actuator Fault.

This is an ongoing problem, it seems for many people not knowing what to do.
It usually starts with a typical door lock mechanism acting in reverse, example as follows:

Depress the remote to lock the vehicle and only 3 out of the 4 doors will lock.
This OEM fault also allows the vehicle to be unlockable.

Quick fix
Replace the lock acting out of sequence, not sure on the cost of a new actuator but if ...

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