Educational Packages

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Virtual Car Care is designed to help the car owner to learn a basic understanding  
of their motor vehicle.
Virtual Car Care includes a sound bank and videos to provide basic mechanical knowledge using a simple format of a sound bank along with a comprehensive video of what to look for when buying a car. 
An Australian motor mechanic performed over 7000 service calls whilst 
Contracting to a major Auto club RACV in Melbourne. 
After the first ...

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Screen test your wipers

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So with the Xmas holidays here, perhaps it’s time to check your wipers, they are the long rubbers that sit on your screen awaiting for a rainy day.

The problem is that we forget about these very important components until we need them.

Wipers can go through many seasons before we realise they need renewal.

Not so long ago windscreen wipers would last atleast a good 12 months.

Now your lucky if you get a season, but how do know if your wipers are ...

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When is leasing a car cheaper than buying ?

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Let me begin with such a question of total amusement.

Recently I was flicking through the free to air channels and found the series on the couch.

i could not believe that there was a so called expert regarding finance explaining that leasing a car was cheaper than buying a car.

He the so-called expert creates an example of a $41000.00

He explains that the repayment on a typical motor vehicle finance is somewhere between 5% to 10%

So the next part is the demonstrate ...

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VW Customer complaint 2016 VW Amarok Serviced @ 30,000 now serious issues

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VW Customer Complaint

Comment: Hi mate in need of some PROFESSIONAL help if possible.
I own a 2016 VW Amarok which is just shy of 12 months old. I recently had my 30,000kms service when I was informed at the time I needed new brakes.
Driving home from a freshly serviced car with new brakes I noticed my steering shakes any speed beyond 80kms. So you can imagine driving on the freeway at 100kms every day becomes frustrating.
After taking my Amarok ...

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