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Is your motor vehicle as safe as you think it is?
Do you know what your Motor Vehicle might react under emergency braking.
The most important points to driver safety are BRAKING and DRIVER BEHAVIOUR.
Some organisations are of the view that driver education is the answer
Recently an Accident  Research Centre has stated that there is no evidence to show that driver education enhanced safer driving.

Its worth noting that there seems to be a high profile to safer cars supported by a rating program.

Lets take the marketing potential out of the equation at this moment and step into the world of reality.

The safer the driver the safer the car, this is old fashion common sense, it concerns me how much advertising is pushed towards Accident Research Ratings, with must invested interest.

Driver attitudes have become complacent, not to mention pedestrian carelessness.

Let me ask the question about poor driving techniques
Do you dart in and out of lanes down the freeway
Do you overtake the vehicle in front only to move in front of the vehicle you just passed, but moving into the lane without a safe distance of clearance.
Do you tall gate when you drive where ever you drive.
Do you hog the right lane just under the speed limit

If you answer yes to any of the above then perhaps motors vehicles are required to be designed with more protection due to a small percentage of high risks drivers contributing the our road toll and or serious accidents.
Written by Darren Gow-Brown,


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