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Virtual Car Care is designed to help the car owner to learn a basic understanding  
of their motor vehicle.
Virtual Car Care includes a sound bank and videos to provide basic mechanical knowledge using a simple format of a sound bank along with a comprehensive video of what to look for when buying a car. 
An Australian motor mechanic performed over 7000 service calls whilst 
Contracting to a major Auto club RACV in Melbourne. 
After the first 1000 calls, I started to document the commons causes of vehicles breaking down on the side of the road and realised that people just needed to know the basics 
Author of  Virtual Car Care, by Darren Gow-Brown

Motor Cycle Safety, take a closer look, is designed to educate the new rider just starting out.
Motor cycles do require regular checks to maintain a level of safety
in this multi-touch book videos are included to illustrate where to look and what to inspect
Motor cycles is produced by a motor mechanic with a view to explain in simple terms a high level understand to maintain safety checks to reduce the potential of breaking down and preventing major mechanical issues
Produced by Darren Gow-Brown

Car Care for women is an educational interactive multimedia tool to help understand the basics of the care that you drive.
Included are video with reviews to test your knowledge
Car Care for Women, the basics will turn you into a motor mechanic but show you how to perform tasks that you may need to know.
Author Darren Gow-Brown conducted research in this area and found that women wanted to learn the basics to better inform their knowledge of how the car works, as well as knowing what to do if the car develops a problem or better still how to prevent a problem


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