EL Ford Station Wagon Actuator Fault

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EL Ford Station Wagon Actuator Fault.

This is an ongoing problem, it seems for many people not knowing what to do.
It usually starts with a typical door lock mechanism acting in reverse, example as follows:

Depress the remote to lock the vehicle and only 3 out of the 4 doors will lock.
This OEM fault also allows the vehicle to be unlockable.

Quick fix
Replace the lock acting out of sequence, not sure on the cost of a new actuator but if you’re an adventurous person you may consider supporting the local wreckers.

Dual Function purpose of this type of Actuator
Inside this component is a small motor just strong enough to move a linkage to lock/Unlock the door lock mechanism.
As the motor rotates the linkage within the actuator, it slides two contactors, thus sending a signal to the BCM.
The BCM, (Body Control Module) is very important because he is the head of security within your vehicle. Be careful with Barry, (BCM), as he sometimes gets it wrong.
See, Barry and Alison  (the Actuator) sometimes have a falling out so not all 4 sisters (doors) are on the same page.
If by some chance you try to access any door at the same time, the actuator motor rotating the cog. Then there is a chance that the actuator will operate in reverse thus causing this internal conflict with Barry and Alison.

Alison being a smart actuator can do two things at once, not only move the linkage, but also let Barry know what she is doing by sending an input signal. If all actuators send the same message to Barry, then he will do the same in the form of sequential input. If all actuators send the same signal, Barry will provide a final acknowledgment to the car owner, indicating that the car is locked.

Do nothing and allow the vehicle never to lock.
Take it to your local Auto Electrician/Repairer.
Support your local wreckers and get a second hand one.

Last but not least, repair the actuator by rotating the cog within the actuator, so all actuators are sending the same switching position to the BCM.

The image below is a typical Door Actuator, here we can see the round cog with the round black pin, used to move the linkage up and down, unlock/Door the door mechanism.
This image shows the cog is in the correct position.
This image also shows you it is possible that the pin maybe 180 degrees in the wrong position, not shown here…


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