Electric Cars is it the future

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With the cost of electricity about to go up again and again, I wonder if electric vehicles are the future.

If we compare solar energy off the grid packages to our standard energy grid costs, it would make sense not to go solar.

Perhaps we need to compare your traditional vehicle to an electric vehicle.

lets pick a trip to the snow, from Melbourne to Mt Buller, it takes about 3 hours. So we pass 20 opportunities to refuel, taking about 15 minutes at the pump.The cost to refuel is approximately $50 to $80

Now we are in our new very expensive electric vehicle, it takes about 3 hours to get to Mt Buller, “but” now we have to recharge our battery. First we need to find our recharging station. The smart car has a map showing where the recharge stations are located. It takes over an hour to recharge and cost approximately $35 to $40.

But wait there is more, with 4 passengers in the vehicle, are we even sure if the battery will make the 3 now 4 hour trip ?.

Do we need to ask our electric car call centre about parking an electric in the snow for 8 hours, as we all know any Battery subjected to temperatures below zero will discharge the Battery. But hang on we have a smart car that tells us everything, hopefully that we can get off the mountain.

Oops we forgot to plan a smart battery car trip because there are no recharging stations on the mountain. So now we need to get our smart  Battery car off the mountain towed to the nearest recharging station including the very hungry and cold family that may not see the benefits of the new smart electric vehicle.

My conundrum is very simple, why would I spend more money to acquire an electric vehicle with a battery life of approximately 8 years that takes about one hour to fully recharge each time I use it for 3 to 4 hours. Knowing that in 8 years the vehicle with an expired Battery will be worth jack.

I have not even got into waiting at the recharge station with 3 cars waiting to be recharged. So I may time about 3 to 4 hours, this is about the same time to get served at any Apple store if your smart phone requires repairs / replacement.

So was my trip driving / towing to the snow an adventure that the whole family enjoyed, Hhhhhhhhhmmmmmm.

More importantly are the family still talking to me or did they catch a taxi home.




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