FAQ-Telstar tx5 ghia 2.5lt V6 Hard to start in morning

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State & Suburb QLD Nanango

Type of Vehicle ford 
Model Telstar tx5 ghia 2.5lt v6
Month/Year 7/1996
Kms 240,000
Problem When I start car in the morning it seems it is not running on all cylinders but if you put your foot on the accelorator and rev to 1200rpms it starts to run normal if you leave your foot their for about 4min it then comes good I have changed plugs,leads,airfilter and 6mounths ago fuel filter also a year ago I had a new dissy and a new fuel pressure regulator installed can you help me as Im and old age pensioner and it starting to get very costly at the mechinics they all say diffrent things to me. 

Hi there,
The thing that comes to mind is the injectors, or the cold start injectors if applicable, have you ever had the injectors serviced this means taken out and ultasonic cleaned and tested, now before you do this ring Ford and ask them if there is a quick test on the analyser to check if the cold start injectors are holding residual pressure over night and the TPS is not too dirty to effect the air flow sensor.
I’m sorry as this next step may prove to be expensive or try to find an EFI specialist that can tell you the answer before spending your money
All the best

Darren Thankyou for replying so quick I was wondering if I got a rail flush would that help I had one 6 months ago then the leads packed in around months ago and I had to drive 270km to get home would that have clogged the injectors as it started to miss every now and again until now where it does it every morning the rail flush is $100 as I live in the bush.
thankyou again Gary

From my experience its the injector that needs to be cleaned now many years ago Toyota had the best additive on the market but I’m not sure about now but my point is give your car a nice glass of wine (Fuel injection additive) if you go to toyota it must be Toyota injection additive not an after market additive that they are selling on the side.
Now Gary if you come accross a good EFI specialist up there in the nice worm Queenland please let my readers know.
In conclusion if you try an additive it might help but if you get the injectors cleaned and tested this should show you evidence of a leaking injector


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