Full Self-Driving Hardware on your Tesla Model S

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I’m on the Tesla site learning about this great looking vehicle with so many features, it’s hard to stay in my seat I’m so excited.

Maybe I have missed a basic fundamental point regarding state and federal roads act. Are we permitted to take our hands off the steering wheel, whilst driving any type of vehicle within Australia ?.

To my knowledge, the answer is NO !.

So if this is the case why are motor vehicle car makers selling this as a feature ?.

Let me ask a question.

If you are driving a vehicle that has the function of driverless mode, and you are involved in a fatal accident. Are you going to say “it was the cars fault, I wasn’t driving”?

It only a matter of time before this type of case will be before the court.

As much as I think driverless vehicles may enhance our lives, I’d want to know about legal rights prior to switching on a feature that may not be passed.

If the feature to switch on the driverless mode, is legal within Australia does that then mean it’s ok to hold a mobile phone?

I think the Australian government will have a lot of thinking ahead of them as if we all had driverless vehicles there will be no more driving infringements…and this feature alone would cost the government billions.



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