General Inspection – Overheating

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Eventually the effect will be destructive towards the head gasket going and also the head warping.

First thing to do is to turn the vehicle off for 1/2 hr and then carefully open the bonnet and moving away from the cap, use a set of gloves or rag, remove the radiator cap, then start the vehicle and check the water.  You can only pour water in after you have started the vehicle up.  Check for leaks.  Check that the thermo fan is switching on and off periodically over 1/2 hr time parameter.  If you find an excessive water leak, depending on what it is, if it can be repaired by the roadside, good.  If not, then a tow is required.

Depending on what it is.  If it’s a hard to get at hose, it could cost $60.00-$90.00.  If it’s a thermostatic fan or a viscose fan, or a water pump, the price will vary.


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