General Inspection – Tappet noise

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A tappet noise can be an irritating noise but it is better than a quiet tappet.  Tappet noise may be the result of hydraulic tappets requiring replacement.  It also may be the effect of a low oil level or the result of the tappets requiring adjusting.

Check the oil.  If it’s been a long time since the oil has been changed, eg. 10,000kms, change the oil.   Consult your local spare parts dealer and tell them you’ve got noisy tappets.  They might be able to suggest a thicker viscosity oil.  Also check to see if your tappets are hydraulic or adjustable.  If they are adjustable then it might be okay to get these tappets adjusted.

Getting tappets adjusted costs around $35.00-$45.00.  Getting hydraulic lifters replaced costs around $180.00-$250.00.

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