Great Australian Airbag Crisis the full story

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it’s amazing how this story looks like its something new, unfortunately, this is a worldwide problem that won’t go away anything soon.
After reading the front page of the Melbourne Herald Sun, and wow this is an exclusive article regarding Airbag recalls.
The Herald Sun can reveal manufacturers of the nations most popular cars, including Ford, Holden, and Volkswagen will be forced to replace the dodgy airbags for free.
To the journalist that wrote the newspaper article, here are some correct facts. is a government site that publishes recalls, more importantly, vehicle recalls including airbag Recalls.
Takata was the company that supplied auto safety equipment, including airbags, has filed for bankruptcy in 2017. Takata started out as a textile company 80 years ago then decided to change the direction of their core business to auto safety equipment.

Earlier this year, Takata admitted to manipulating and withholding key information about the faulty inflators for years, even after they started exploding in people’s cars. It pleaded guilty in the U.S. to a criminal charge of wire fraud for which it will have to pay $1 billion, including a $125 million fund to compensate victims and their families.
This should be a trigger point for all car manufacturers, that when it comes to devices and features, regardless of where they are made the devices require proper testing to prevent such a disaster.
Its one thing to replace a faulty not dodgy airbag, it’s another to provide proper disposal of such faulty equipment.
Yes, you may see where I’m going to this event, let’s pick a figure of 100,000 units getting retrofitted with correct and safe airbags installations.
Where do the faulty devices end up ?.
It would be another disaster if faulty airbags were available at your local wreckers just to get a roadworthy passed in the state of Victoria.
In my opinion, all faulty airbags must be disposed of using a crusher to ensure these deadly devices do not end up in the marketplace.
This is where our state registration authorities can do something for the high cost of registration.
All safety devices should be recorded on each vehicle as part of a roadworthy item to ensure faulty devices such as seat belt restraint systems etc are not compromising motor vehicle safety as per the Australian design rules.
Written by Darren Gow-Brown 4/3/2018



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