How safe is my car

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Let me ask you the question !.

Is your car safe

Unless you have lived in a remote part of Australia, the vehicle that you are driving maybe supplied with a faulty airbag.
The faulty airbags have now killed over 12 people, instead of saving their lives.
How can an airbag kill you ?.

The answer, when the airbag is activated it may release fragments of metal, and or dangerous chemicals that have now been revealed to cause serious injury or death.

The one component installed in your vehicle to save your life may actually kill you instead.

In my opinion, this changes the roadworthy status of any vehicle driving within Australia.

This is where the federal and state governments should step in and prevent any possibility of a single airbag causing serious injury or death.

What can you do ?.

Step 1, go to the Australian recall site and search if your company car of private vehicle is on the list
Step 2, Book your vehicle into the relevant dealership to get your vehicle installed with the updated airbag at no cost.
Step 3, tell your friends and work to place a bulletin, in the lunchroom.



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