Hyundai Gets Small Car Review July 2010 Rated 3.0

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Apart from and ugly looking car it was lacking the bare essentials to entice a test drive
 If you are a tall person this is not the vehicle for you
It you are conscious of service interval costs then the gets gets up you as the price is between $330 and $700 ranging through the services at 10,000 km intervals
The driver seating was hard is it felt like a seat you sit on and sit into.
I would be concerned about the resale value of the gets given a bad track records of resale values as the interior seems to deteariate over time now of cause there is the now 8 year warranty and 200,000 km warranty to consider but let me ask how many people have the time to keep taking there car back under warranty and how many people give up only to accept faults as there occur.
There are many ways to achieve a high ancap rating for the people basing their decision on this factor.
A car maker can build a vehicle with enough airbags to achieve a high ancap rating or build a vehicle to a standard of quality this I may elaborate on later but for now
Without putting the salesman in I was not really impressed with the ability of the salesperson unable to even try to sell the features
If  Hyundia have such a fantastic product why is the cost of service intervals so high and the resale value so low.

Special Notes
The Hyundia Gets requires about 4 glasses of good wine if you are planning to park this car in your driveway as it may start to look better after this time.
This vehicle was not given a road test due to the fact that the head room test failed upon the initial inspection, not to mention the lack of interest displayed by the salesman on the day failing to sell the features if any, on the day

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