Interview Peter Brock about road Safety

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This was a privilege to interview Mr Peter Brock the King of the mountain, Peter was a man of conviction and passion. I remember my father watching the car racing when I was very young how my father got exited when Peter Brock would win a race.
It was one Sunday I had free day, a few years ago when the opportunity became available to meet and interview Peter Brock in regards to Road Safety as I believed he was a good role model for all young drivers.
When I set up the appointment with Peter I began to understand how dedicated he was to charity as I observed the admiration from everyone at this event.
Peter was willing to make the time to sign as many autographs as he could.
Finally I got my chance to interview Peter Brock, I can tell you it was one of the most natural interviews I have made Peter was gifted in many areas Driving and speaking on camera were some of them.
I have decided to release some footage for others to enjoy the natural interview of Peter Brock.
One of Australias greatest champions of motor sport, Peter Brock
Interviewed by Darren Gow-Brown April 6,2003

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