Is your battery suffering from insecurities

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Yes that’s correct, your battery maybe be suffering under the bonnet without you even knowing.The battery is something that you never want to upset.
When a battery gets cross, its gets angry and then may explode into a rage of fire.

How can a battery get cross, angry and explode you ask ?.

Well not many people may know how to care for the battery in their car, they just think that its a black thing that sits under the bonnet and that’s it.

May I explain the Orgs chart or the hierarchy of controls.
At the top of the list is, of course, the battery (also known as Barry), without the battery the engine won’t start.
For some reason, we like to upset the battery, without considering its feelings.
How do we upset a battery you ask !!.

We sometimes leave the lights on and discharge the battery.
Leaving the battery loose in the cradle is another form of abuse to our battery.

The battery is like a favorite pet, it will look after you if you look after it.
Here is how you can be a responsible battery owner.

Check the water level of your battery at least every month, if the battery is serviceable.
Try to move the battery, if you can move the battery it is not secure, re-tension the brackets to prevent the battery from moving in the cradle.
Check the battery positive and negative terminals, if you can move them, this means the terminals are loose.
Retention the terminals, tight enough that you cannot rotate the terminals.
If you leave your lights on, by mistake don’t just think that a jump start will solve your problems.
Any battery that has been discharged to below 20% will require a full charge to bring it back to 80-100% charge capacity.
The alternator in your car is only designed to maintain a charge rate, of 13.6 to 14.2 volts.
This part is even misunderstood by some automotive technicians.
When you operate the wipers, lights, and heater fan all at once, this is where the alternator is tested and is required to maintain the battery charge rate.
If the battery 12-volt system falls below an operating system of 12 volts, the onboard computer may decide to shut down the engine in order to protect the electrical system.
So if you are driving your car with a battery that is not at 50% charge capacity then you may stand the chance of a vehicle breakdown.
Play it safe make sure if you discharge your battery, then get it fully charged to prevent breaking down on the side of the road.


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