LED Automotive lighting is it worth benefit

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With technology always changing within the automotive industry it was only a matter of time before LED lighting was introduced.

LED lighting is here to stay but what does not make sense is the cost of a headlamp assembly and tail light assembly, oops, forgot to mention in the past when a tail light was out, it was a simple task to replace a globe for around $2.

Now most  tail light assemblies are around $500 – $3000, but why ?.

The machinery to produce an incandescent globe would not be very cheap but because we we used this type of globe for over 50 years then the price comes down for a mass production item.

Now we are in the business of LED product design, this means the design team from all car makers, will design a style of a taillight lens in AutoCAD or solidworks (computer Aid) and then print out the PCB (Printed circuit board) in one factory and the lens component in another factory all manufactured by automated robotics.

Knowing that an automated product made by a robot is designed to mass produce a part at a fraction of what it would cost by human labour, so why are we paying so much for these parts ?.

Answer because they can……

I know a component plant needs to make a profit, but a part that is made by a robot is very efficient and therefore the cost to make the part has decreased, perhaps we need to follow the part to the end user, to establish, how a $50 part turns into a $2k part plus shipping.

In my opinion car parts are overpriced, maybe we should research the cost of a taillight lens when considering a purchase of a new vehicle.


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