Vehicle fleet management, is it a waste of time.

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It was brought to my attention the other day that when lease manage a fleet of vehicles the question should always be who is managing what……
Lets create an example here, if a lease fleet managed vehicle requires a service, windscreen and tyres. The is no such thing as a one stop shop, so it renders the question who is managing what.

If I had a fleet of vehicles and realised that getting Tyres, Windscreens, and servicing are not able to be completed in a one stop shop then what is the concept of fleet management. I’m of the opinion that Lendlease upper management may have overlooked this logistic conundrum and therefore able fleet owners more flexibility in the future and thus demonstrate a positive solution to time poor fleet managers,

Many years ago I started up a fleet management workshop offering a one stop shop including picking up the vehicle and dropping off the vehicle at an early age of 21 years old. There was one point of difference at the time, this being a flexible fleet management organisation that made it possible for tyres, windscreens and servicing all to be conducted under the same roof.

The automotive industry within most dealerships are also in need of improvement, as you cannot get the average dealer to complete any repairs on a weekend as some dealerships don’t even open their service department on weekends. Maybe this is the first question we need to ask when considering buying a vehicle from this day forward.

If I want to buy a passenger vehicle in Australia can I get the vehicle serviced, repaired and or repaired under warranty. And can I get my car serviced and or repaired on a weekend ?.
It has also come to my attention some dealerships shy away from warranty work as they cannot maximize the labour rate efficiency to over 100%.

Hangon how can a dealership reach over 100% labour rate efficiency from a mechanic/technician within the service centre ? Easy upsell the vehicle servicing with additives that the vehicle does not need thus boosting the profit margin to over 100%.

Buying a passenger vehicle and or managing a fleet of vehicles requires the skills of managing the manger and if you are at this stage then you may just be wondering what are you really paying for


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