Sirius 4G63 SOHC Engine free rotating design

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Mitsu Engine 4G63 SOHC timing belt and the benefits.

When  the Sirius 4G63 SOHC engine 1992 a free rotating design it was an engine suitable for many applications. The timing belt with a free rotating component is the perfect solution to increase economy and performance.
Free rotating engine simply means if the timing belt should break it any time no internal mechanical damage is evident to the engine.

Not all engines designed with cam belts are free, in my opinion all engines designed with timing belts should be…

 To utilize a sustainable engine design,  it may help minimize servicing costs to the average motorist worldwide looking at ways to save money anyway possible.

Be careful not to confuse the 4G63 with the 4G64
The 4G64 is an interference motor however the early 8-valve is a non intereference engine.

As part of my research I made contact with Mitsu
This is the type of help I got

Dear Mr Gow-Brown,
Customer Reference: 131675
We acknowledge receipt of your recent correspondence regarding Saturn motors.
Firstly, please accept our apologies for the delay in our response to you.
Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd (MMAL) do not use Saturn motors in any of our vehicles.
Thank you for your enquiry.

Kind Regards,
Mitsubishi Customer Assistance Centre

Well thankyou for not much help…..

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