Mitsu Colt Small Car Review July 2010 Rated 4.0

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The Mitsu colt is at least a vehicle with the mitsu badge now to me this means a lot as Mitsubishi is a strong brand for many reasons
Sorry Mr. Mitsubishi but the contour design has something to be desired but step into the colt is where you need an open mind to realize the colt has the most comfortable seats for a vehicle in this price range, my client was shopping for a manual but we were given an auto to test drive, wow the Constant variable transmission was something to experience this 1.5 litre engine was giving me enough power to be satisfied. It was a wet day at the time but I never had to fight we the tyres spinning on take off
I was very impressed with the power produced from a 1.5 litre variable cam-timing engine
Basically this means that the ECU or electronic control unit is maximizing fuel and power efficiency in many more ways than just fuel injection.
The Mitsu colt is giving you a lot of value for you money
Note Mitsu is offering buyers fixed price servicing, at 15,000 intervals at a fixed cost of $195.00 per service.
Fixed priced servicing does not include sparkplugs, wiper blades, fan belts, globes, wheel alignment..
So why even offer a product if it does not cover all these hidden extras.
In my opinion the Mitsu Colt is a strong contender to the small car market.

Special Notes
The Mitsu Colt has the most comfortable seats out of all the small cars reviewed
This vehicle has plenty of power due to two factors
The CVT and the VVT however I would like to know if the transmission is reliable over the next 250,000 kms
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