Parking Fines, how to avoid them.

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The local councils have just got very clever these days, as they deploy as much technology as possible, form fixed cameras to moving cameras.
The local councils are banking on one thing.
Your time and money vs their time and money.
Many years ago local councils employed parking officers to be honest with courtesy.
Now quite the opposite where these wonderful strategies are used to catch you even if your not doing anything wrong.
I will speak from experience where we decided to deliver a box to the local charity, the vehicle in front was indicating to leave a car spot and I was in my vehicle waiting for the other car to move away.
At this precise point I was captured as illegally parked.
I did not even know that an image was taken until I received a parking fine in the mail.
My conundrum was do I deal with this in court or just pay and move on.
My point is plain and simple. If the local councils go to all these efforts to trick and trap people into unlawful fines it is obvious that we are paying for a system to penalise us from going about our business.
Another example of the frankston city council where I received a parking fine from a parking area that had 2 ticket machines both rendered faulty on the day.
The problem that I have is the time and effort required to object to the relevant authorities.
I simply had enough at this stage knowing full well that the parking officer would have had full knowledge that both machines were out of order.
Having an electronics background did help.
Part of my objection was to establish the confirmation of both ticket machines were out of order.
Research the owner of the ticket machines and get a service report showing both machines were to be faulty on the day of the fine.
This did take some time but the report confirmed that both machines were faulty on this weekend in question.
The frankston city council had no option but to reverse the parking fine imposed.
Maybe I should have ordered the frankston city council to place an add in the local paper to advertise for all people fined on that weekend to be reimbursed the this scam mistake.

Kingston City Council parking office vehicle parked where parents pick up their children

Above is a typical image where the Kingston city council decide to park right at the area where parents need to pick up their children.
It goes beyond belief, the parking officer of all people decide to park a vehicle of extremely limited space then go out to fine people for parking close by to pick up their children from after school.

If we all got together to protest this type of activity maybe stopped or atleast reduced.

If you are subject to a parking fine that you feel is wrong then research is worth pursuing and therefore may reverse your parking infringment.


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