Road safety who's hand is on the wheel

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Road safety who’s hand is on the wheel

Lets start with the key stakeholders

Vic Roads, RTA, Queensland Transport, etc
Federal government,
State government,
Motoring authorities, RACV, NRMA
Insurance companies
Car Manufactures
Driver Education

The list above is not complete as I will add more later on, but something should already stands out with this list.

The one group that seems to be the odd one out is Driver Education, yes that’s right it seems to have the least funded but the most important.

Why is driver education with the least funding?

It costs too much; it does not make any company rich.
It doesn’t sell cars
It requires too many resources to activate.

So lets try to understand public perception

It seems to be the perception of some that funding a company to crash cars then rate them thus factoring this information into some type of marketing tool

It seems to be the perception of some that producing TV campaigns this will solve the problem or do something towards reducing the road toll.

Vic Roads came up with a great idea for motor cycle riders, to increase motor cycle registration, to this day has not reduced the road toll, too bad for motor cycle riders now forced to pay a high premium for annual registration.

If you think I getting negative I haven’t even started.

Right now in July 29, 2010, Australia has 13 more deaths than this time last year, so lets look at the TV Campaigns.

What has it done to reduce the road toll

 It has been revealed that in 2010 
200 police officers have been caught for speeding, surely this can’t be right.

This brings me to my next point
Speed Cameras welcome to THE NEW TAX

The speed camera maybe the reason why so many people are getting caught is we seem to have a constant of variable speed limits.
So far you would agree the above has not been so successful but the Key stakeholders can say money has been spent

I’m saying lets funnel the funding towards Driver Education

Building a safer car helps, producing confronting TV commercials helps.

There are two factors left,
Dealing with existing dangerous driver behaviour
The ability to understand the changing road conditions.
How to react or prevent an accident.


Curriculum to be competency based rolled out to all schools to all year 10,11, 12 students, starting in Victoria.

Costs maybe provided if required

By Darren Gow-Brown


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