Road toll in Australia 2011

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I find it interesting that in 2011 we have so few deaths on our roads. I’m surprised there are not more people killed on our roads, when you drive down a freeway and you see an oncoming vehicle from behind at lighting speed you wonder if you will pass this vehicle up the road involved in a fatal smash.

There are many factors that allow people behind a wheel to take risks leading to the death of themselves and others. Road users may not be aware of what may happen on any day without notice.

Cars are so well tuned to handle the road, it therefore gives the perception that the vehicle is safer then it really is, you only have to see a driver loose control in the wet due to a misconception of vehicle handling upon several road surfaces.

Car makers have nothing to answer, but if the driver is able to accelerate at dangerous speeds then we either redesign the roads to handle greater speeds or obverse the 5% of drivers destine to destroy the life of other innocent road users.

Or do we just stick our head in the sand and just take the money

A simple data logger would reduce the road toll but who wants to sponsor such a project aimed at reducing the road toll I cant do it all by myself.

Written by Darren Gow-Brown 2011


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