Selling a Car,is it simple ?

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Back in the day when the process of selling a car required the following procedure, ring up the trading post, read out your careful script about the car that you were selling and then wait at home for the phone to ring.

At 13 years old it was the most exciting time, to buy an old car and bring it home, park it in the backyard on Dads perfect manicured backyard and pull the engine out, repair it the less bolts than you started, then cut out all the rust, and learn how to bog up the panels then find someone to paint it.

My first car was an old Datsun bluebird 1964 model purchase price $60. Selling price $540

Selling a motor vehicle 30 years ago was a lot different than now, unfortunately there are so many scams that make selling a motor vehicle a challenge.

Selling a vehicle today has open the door for the clever scammer, therefore this is what you need to remember.

Dont release your motor vehicle until you see the FULL payment in the bank.

Do not accept a personal cheque

Do not accept an image of bank payment into your bank, there is only one type of payment into your bank.


Do not be tricked into paying a transport cost before or after the sale of your vehicle, keep it simple just sell the vehicle, for full payment of cash or EFT into your bank account.

These professional scammers will come across so nice and friendly but you are selling a motor to a total stranger that you may never see again.




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