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Toyota Prius, Prius V Recall

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Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited — Toyota Prius, Prius V

PRA No.2018/17091Date published17 Oct 2018Campaign numberPrius (LGG76), Prius V (LGG78)Product description

Toyota Prius (ZVW30)
Toyota Prius V (ZVW40)

This recall provides an additional remedy to the vehicles involved in the previous recalls in February 2014 (PRA2014/13991) and July 2015 (PRA2015/14822), because the remedy conducted then was found to be inadequate.

Identifying features

VIN (Vehicle identification number)See attached VIN listPrius & Prius V Power Management ECU VIN list.pdf (2.39 MB)Prius & Prius V Power Management ...

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