Tesla car a world leading technology

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Many years ago our traditional car makers started to make an electric vehicle but with one major difference.

They seemed to be determined to make the worlds ugliest designs and with no effort for technology on every level.

Well that was until Mr Elon Musk decided to show the world what it means to make an electric vehicle. We might all agree that the tesla electric car is with the greatest of design and world leading technology.
The tesla EV is the most advanced technology platform in the world. Not only in A.I. Technology but in battery technology, air filtration, impact safety as the list goes on.

With an electronics background it’s incredible what the tesla product is capable in achieving. Let’s start with the battery technology, tesla is not standing still in what we know about batteries as they are charging all the time. In the past the average battery installed in an electric vehicle was limited to about 250 kilometres. I believe it won’t be too long before we see a Tesla travel 500 kilometres on one charge, then 1000 kms on one charge.

it’s not just the battery technology that makes the tesla a world leader


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