The Dealer Stamp, what does it mean

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The Dealer Stamp, what does it mean 

Well depends who you ask,


The dealer stamp is at least a good marketing toolThe dealer stamp records the service history of motor vehicle maintenance carried out.Most dealers would make the private car owner feel the dealer stamp is an aid to provide the maximum resale value.


Whether the vehicle is serviced at a third party service center or manufacture dealer,
The fact is both will record service history.
Any service history is better than no service history
You are in control of the history,You have a choice to get your vehicle serviced at a dealer and get that nice looking stamp to make you feel validated.
Or you can decide to get your vehicle serviced at an independent service center still providing a service stamp, if serviced according to the manufactured specifications, basically this means using genuine parts. 
I could write a thesis about genuine parts but not right now.
You the car owner,or Fleet owner need to consider the Value of what you think the vehicle maybe worth at the time of disposal for upgrade, trade-in, or change of life.

Let me ask you the question;
Have you ever asked the service history, when considering a second hand vehicle;
If you have decided to purchase a vehicle with no opportunity for resale why would you pay so much at a dealer when an independent service center with less overheads may provide the same service at a reduced cost

More to come by Darren Gow-Brown


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