The EH Holden and now

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The EH Holden and now

I want to take you back in time when the EH Holden was born
This was a special time for the vehicle industry within Australia

In 1964 it was a mans dream to purchase a EH Holden, it was a choice between the Ford and the Holden. Of course the real choice was the EH Holden.

This was the era when you looked under the bonnet saw an engine, said wow as it idled like a finally tune machine.

The six cylinder inline red engine was a motor with a lot of power for its day, when you made a purchase you just wanted to learn as much as possible with pride, it was the car you parked out the front of your home to let people know you were a Holden man and you made time to wash your car even if it wasn’t dirty.

In 1964 a car owner was almost expected to learn a some basic mechanical knowledge about their car, and no Holden owner was no exception.

It was a given to learn that this vehicle required a special understanding when braking in the wet on ply tyres as radial tuned suspension was not invented yet.

A true Holden owner knew when the battery was on the way out by the cranking speed when starting up each morning, let me add the battery would normally last 5 years without any trouble.

Petrol in 1964 was more consistent than now as it would last months in the tank without loosing its octane values.

The EH Holden came with the following features

Choice of color
Station wagon, or sedan
Heaters were standard
Bench seats in the front or bucket seats
Column or floor shift
Manual or Auto
Now for the more pedantic owner there was an option to have rear Venetian blinds.
Of course you could get a tow bar.
Front and rear mud flaps
White wall tyres

The EH Holden was built with a chassis as opposed to mono construction

If anyone ever opened a door of a EH Holden it would burn that audible sound into your memory forever.

To the people of person to whom was responsible to the most unique design I say well done as it was a vehicle of fond history


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