The engine light is a safety warning lamp

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Many years ago the humble engine light may not have been a big deal

Nowdays the engine warning lamp means the vehicle will require a scan ASAP. with the average motor vehicle able to provide a more accurate vision via a data logger storing codes that most automative technicians are able to translate.

A scan into the canbus or automative computer will reveal the reason for an engine light staying on.

For example an engine light maybe be linked to a faulty seatbelt restraint system, not to mention a faulty airbag circuit, even worse both systems maybe link to each other and this may lead to an airbag not being deployed upon an impact or collision.

The problem is that some technicians may remove the engine light signal prior to a roadworthy or a vehicle safety inspection, making the vehicle owner unaware that the vehicle safety devices are now disarmed.

Here is a simple test for all drivers with late model vehicles, upon starting the engine you will notice or should i say SHOULD be aware of the engine light illuminating with the ignition turned on and with the engine off.

As soon as the engine has started the engine light should turn off, if for any reason the engine light stays on you need to take action.

Action required

Take you vehicle to your service centre to get scanned and this will establish the course of action required.

If you don’t see an engine light illuminating when the ignition is switched on then this is another warning sign that you need to now establish why the light does not switch on.

Safe motoring.



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