Engine thermostat, how to test.

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The engine thermostat is an important component to the engines cooling system, but for some reason, its removed due to over heating issues.
Engineers have proved that the humble thermostat is necessary to regulate a constant and control temperature range to protect the engine from overheating.

This short video, produced by Darren Gow-Brown, demonstrates an easy way to test an engine thermostat.
Even in a perfect environment, the engine of your vehicle works very hard to maintain a desired operating temperature.
The only time to remove a radiator cap is when the engine is cold.
An engine thermostat should never be removed except when replacing a faulty thermostat. For some reason many people think if they are having a problem with high engine temperature a solution is to remove the thermostat.
The misconception is by removing the thermostat the gauge may decrease from high to normal.
Allow me to explain what happens if a thermostat is removed from an engines cooling system.
The water is not transferring hot water from the engine to the radiator as it’s designed.
The purpose of the thermostat is to hold water in the engine long enough for the molecules to expand. Then the thermostat will open and allow the hot water into the radiator to cool down and contract. T his is in normal operating conditions.


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