The Noise – Loose Fan Belt

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The Noise – Loose Fan Belt
A loose fan belt is a fan belt screaming out for help. Also a loose fan belt may perish or deteriorate rapidly depending on whether it’s a polyrib belt or a ‘V’ belt. A loose fan belt will also affect the charge rate and the cooling system if the water pump pulley is connected to that fan belt. Any fan belt that is loose will affect what it’s driving.


Check the belts for tension. If they feel loose, tighten them up.

Nothing; if you do it yourself! When you check the fan belt make sure there is no oil around the fan belt and it isn’t cracked. An oily or cracked fan belt is a fan belt that is no longer useable. With an oily fan belt you will have to get the oil leak fixed ASAP as it will affect the belt until it is repaired. Also the oil leaks onto the road and that can become a safety hazard. Fan belts cost between $5.00-$65.00 depending on the make and model. Some fan belts are difficult to changeover, so it might be a good idea to get your mechanic to fit a new fan belt. When checking one belt, check all of them, as they all seem to go at the same time. 
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