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Green Car Tuning
There are many items one can observe to maintain a green car, when it comes to saving fuel.
Regular service intervals
Regular checking of tyre pressures including the spare wheel
Aiming to travel at a cruising speed of 90km where possible and safe
Travelling as light as possible.
At this time I would really like to know how many people just cannot afford to service their motor vehicle due to financial hardship, perhaps you are wondering what would be the best regular item to change to maintain good fuel economy, the simple answer is the AIR CLEANER.
Perhaps the best way to prioritise a tuneup is understand the following.
When performing a tune up the aim is to achieve trouble free motoring and achieve the highest possible fuel economy for the next 10,000kms
Items to affect the fuel economy are the following
Air Cleaner
Fuel Filter (inline and or tank)
Let me go one step further, try to use the same Petrol Stations to reduce the potential of fuel contamination, I know this is not always possible but if you ever get caught with dirty fuel, you will never forget the experience an inconvenience, not to mention the cost to repair your vehicle.
Play it safe try to use the same petrol stations to avoid the hassle.
Another item to keep in mind when servicing your vehicle is regular checks on the tyre wear, or getting a front end alignment every service interval to prevent excess tyre wear as well as aiding towards good fuel economy.
By Darren Gow-Brown


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