Toyota Camry RZ Car Review 2017

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Toyota Camry RZ Car Review

Today I wanted to see if the Camry RZ was as good as it looks, so I went to my nearest Toyota dealership and no sooner of stepping in the yard I was met by a new car salesman. I have met some car salesmen before but this man was a cut above the rest. I went straight for the RZ around sat in the front seat noticing the dark cloth trim wasn’t bad in comfort, then did the formalities of handing over the drivers license to go for a road-test, of course with the RZ being a limited addition of approx. 1100 units and don’t forget the last Toyota model to be made in Australia.

To my the enticing factors are the following;

*18-inch wheels with a real full-size wheel in the boot
*2.5-litre engine with 135kw power, remember this when you take off at a set of lights in the wet.
*Rear view parking
*Built in Sat Nave but remember YOU will have to pay for upgrades every few years
*Dual rear exhaust that does not play a sporty note
*Dual climate control, wish they had that in our bed.

What it does not have

Blind spot monitoring, now come on Mr. Toyota for a flick of a switch you could have added that in the build, along with leather seats, really like how many cars have you sold to us in Australia and you do this to us.

Capped Price Servicing

This gets me every time as someone with a very big brain thought Ha lets provide a fixed price service until its starts to cost too much, so the service dept. slash Express service dept., will provide the easy servicing until the vehicle requires something more than an oil and filter change.

The Price

Now, this part is interesting even for me, the cost right now is 29,990 no more to pay, well its gets even better as Mr. Toyota is buying the business, by means of offering free finance, or zero interest, imagine if you could buy a house with zero interest, Wow.
Now if I get my nine years old to do a quick math’s task, that’s $30,000 divided by 48 months this equals $625 a month with no balloons at the end.
Hang on I’ll go one step further
the latest pricing and specifications for the 2013 Toyota Camry. Prices range from $10,450 to $21,999 depending on the condition.
Ok so if buying a Toyota Camry, is boring, at least it’s reliable and holds very good resale value.

Fuel Economy 

Well, the numbers seem a bit suspect, as I notice the real-time fuel calculator estimated my fuel economy at 13L/100kms does is not good, I see in the book its states 7.9L100kms.
In my opinion, this data printed stating 7.9L/100kms maybe a little bit ambitious, or give me the vehicle for 6 months to prove what is true and what is false.

Resale Value

When it comes to reselling a Toyota Camry it should not be so difficult so long as you don’t live in Springvale Victoria, as this is Australia’s largest Camry population. Selling your secondhand Camry should return a good monetary value, but why would you want to sell it’s? as its bullet proof in regards to reliability.
My snobby friend that does pay his taxes keeps telling the Toyota Camry is like buying a fridge, then I say so long as it doesn’t break down then it’s a good fridge.
Then he says there are too many on the road, I said that because they are reliable, BTW he drives a VW so I don’t trust him.L

If Toyota would add the Side view monitor in the standard build, I could sell 100 units in one day, by the way, if you want to buy a new Toyota Camry I invite 100 people to come along to my favorite Toyota dealer and make a mass purchase. !


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