Toyota RAV4 Recall

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Toyota Motor Corporation — Toyota RAV4 (AXAH54, AXAH52, MXAA52 & AXAA54) MY2020

PRA No.2020/18348Date published9 Jun 2020Campaign numberVGG15Product description

Model Year 2020
409 affected vehicles

Model Year 2020
416 affected vehicles

Model Year 2020
642 affected vehicles

Model Year 2020
85 affected vehicles

Identifying features

VIN (Vehicle identification number)See attached VIN listVIN list.xlsx (38.04 KB)

What are the defects?

Small cracks may form in the front lower suspension arms and with rapid acceleration and deceleration over the parts’ lifetime, these cracks could spread and the suspension arm can eventually separate from the front wheel assembly. 

The front lower suspension arms may have been affected by improper production conditions.

What are the hazards?

If the front lower suspension arm separates from the wheel assembly, this could result in loss of vehicle control and increase the risk of a crash, causing injury or death of vehicle occupants or other road users.

What should consumers do?

Toyota will contact affected consumers in writing with an interim notification advising of this safety recall. Toyota will re-contact consumers once parts become available and request they make an appointment at their preferred Toyota dealer for repairs, free of charge. Parts are expected to become available in late July 2020. Owners of affected vehicles should update their contact details with Toyota if these have changed, so that future communications can be received.

For further information, consumers should contact the Toyota Recall Assist helpline on 1800 987 366 (Monday to Friday, 8am – 6pm AEST). To find a local dealer, visit Motor CorporationTraders who sold this product

Authorised Toyota DealersWhere the product was soldNationallyDates available for sale

  • 21 October 2019 – 24 April 2020

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