Traffic Signals are you paying attention

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Traffic Signals are you paying attention

These days part of minimizing motor vehicle costs is make prevent a potential speed camera, red light camera, or speed camera through an intersection.

Whilst I maintain that that speed camera’s are a revenue collecting exercise generating enough money that now the Australian governments factor this revenue into the annual budget.

Ok so now that I have ventilated my agenda lets go further into the traffic camera setup.

Have you ever come across a set of lights not operating or changing too quickly not allowing vehicles to pass through an intersection with sufficient time, now this is where frustration and potential road rage will occur.

Living in Victoria I would have to say Vic roads are setting a high standard of customer service, just today Saturday 11.00am I reported a malfunction regarding the intersection box 442 Corner Springvale and Cheltenham where the green arrow was not staying on long enough to allow the stationary traffic to pass through. 
This  intersection is fitted with several speed and red light camera’s.

To prevent any motorist collecting a potential fine I decided to log a complaint, as the arrow was not within its designed parameter of between 6 to 12 seconds.

I must say I was impressed that when you ring the 131170 you get straight through to the right dept and the person fully trained is able to access live data of most metro intersection and measure the time parameter of light signal activity.

I was told that the arrow was acting in accordance to its dynamic designed formula according to traffic speed and flow of that time of day, I’m sure an engineer will look into it as I have reported the same fault several months prior.

Why Am I writing this ?

Answer its good to know that when you ring Vic roads traffic faults there is someone there to take your call and who knows if you come across an intersection with faulty signals or the lights are out, if you take the time to ring Vic roads you will get through and you just might prevent a potential accident or road rage and that’s worth a call
Well done vic roads, customer service where you would least accept it.

By Darren Gow-Brown


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