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VicRoads warning to all customers that choose to pay their rego with options for 6 or 3 months
Many people that are finding it difficult to pay the ever-increasing registrations that seem to be on average of $800 each year.

VicRoads customers may now get a choice the pay in 3, 6 or 12 months increments, however, that transaction makes with extra costs.
A new service Fee of $2.45 plus wait there is more, a credit card fee of.04 percent, to the tune of $1.61

I’m not really sure what VicRoads do for the registration fee,
I’m not really sure customers will be aware that it will now cost them an extra fee to use their credit card.
This is a typical cost breakdown of 12 months registration.
Registration $290.40
TAC Charge $464.00
Insurance duty $46.00
Total $800.80

This is a typical cost breakdown of 6 months registration

Registration fee $145.20
TAC charge* $232.00
Insurance duty $23.20
Service fee $2.45
New Credit card scam fee $1.61
Total $404.46

With motor vehicle registrations in Victoria at 4,567,317 according to the Motor Vehicle Census Australia 31 Jan 2015.
Perhaps its time to ask where the $3,653,853,600 plus fees of $13,245,210.60 are going ?.
Is it to pay for the vehicles and staff that are precariously parked on the side of the road waiting to catch drivers traveling 5 kilometres over the limit.
We all know how many road deaths caused each year, with vehicles traveling 3 -5 kilometres over the speed limit………don’t we….

I really wonder who at VicRoads was so clever to allow extra fees for people already struggling to pay their bills.
Was this opportunity for people who are struggling, to pay more for the already extremely high cost of motoring in Victoria, because that’s, what it looks like to me.


If you agree, write to VicRoads and ask them to explain why the extra costs.




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