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Yes that’s right has been online since 1999. Helping millions of readers worldwide, looking back it all started with a dream to help people understand the basics of motor vehicle safety.
I see cars have changed in technology over the past 20 years and must say I’m not sure if we are heading in the right direction.
As so called technology is applied to the modern motor vehicle more things seem to go wrong. Take the airbag for example I would never have thought that I would see a TV commercial telling people that there are still 1 million faulty airbags still on the road that may cause death instead of saving a life in Australia.
In 2019 we have the authorities whom can’t understand why people are still dying on the road. But we have 1000s of motorists copping fines for travelling 5 kilometres over the speed limit.
I see that drivers are easy targets to create revenue for the government that we so trust to help us live a life that hopefully we can afford.
I see car makers selling vehicles that are semi autonomous.
Is this telling someone that you can take you hands off the steering wheel whilst travelling down the freeway at 100kms an hour ?.
With a background in engineering technology I can tell you that we are not there yet when it comes to autonomous vehicles until we have produced the worlds 100 % reliable IC, (integrated circuit) . Anyone in the electronic world will and should agree that if your smart phone can fail so can the vital sensors within your vehicle that you may rely upon.
In my opinion showing a TV commercial with a person stepping out in front of a vehicle demonstrating that the vehicle will autonomously stop is an accident waiting to happen.
So if by some chance we have a single vehicle operating on any registered Australian road, involved in a fatal accident. What will be the outcome ?
Will it be, Oh well least we know that did not work.
We are all told prevention is better than cure, so lets apply this to the future autonomous vehicle.
Can someone please tell me who is going to insure an autonomous vehicle when it comes to a fatal accident…
I really think the smartest people that work within the automotive industry are Motor Mechanics, why because they have to solve problems that Automotive Engineers Create.
Perhaps in the future the car makers should employ Motor Mechanics to design future designs, but wait I can already see a big problem. The cars will never breakdown………..


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